Efficient chemical separation of mixtures and extraction of alkali, rare-earth, ferrous and non-ferrous base metals and rare and noble metals from ore concentrates; also from depleted tailings, galvanic and other industrial waste and mineral waters. Metals or their oxides can be efficiently extracted and refined producing 99.99% pure products in the forms of fine powder, ingots or as nanomaterials that consist of particles sized in few nanometers.
EcoAtom Company's proprietary technologies have been applied to process several tones of ore concentrates, to extract and refine gold, silver, molybdenum, rhenium, cesium, magnesium, silicon and cerium at high purity, as demonstrations of technological capabilities. These technologies allow the extraction, separation and refining of practically any metal. In contrast to traditional hydrometallurgical technologies, EcoAtom's processes are characterized by energy efficiency, economy and environmental safety, since all chemical reagents are recovered and recycled.

The following scheme describes molybdenum producing technological process.