Soil & Water Treatment

Recovery of soda-saline grounds by acid solution treatment and production of clean water from brackish water by use of the electrodialysis technologies.
Efficient desalination and cleaning of seawater, river and other water sources to produce water suitable for drinking and irrigation.

The Study of Reclamation of the Soda-Saline Soils in Ararat Plain by Electrodialysis Method

This activity is aimed to develop and study the new technology for soda-saline soils reclamation base on electrodialysis method.

Salinization of soils is still a great calamity for agriculture in many countries of the world. According to the FAO data, no less than 50% of the world's irrigated soils are affected by salinization.

Earlier, saline soils were treated (neutralized) with sulphuric (sometime with hydrochloric) acid and subsequent leaching with fresh water. It should be mentioned that solving the problem of soil salinization (and ensuing desertion of the lands) is of great importance not only for agriculture but also for number of social and environmental questions (improving the human health, quality of irrigating and drinking water).

The aim of this project is a study and development of new technology for producing the acids and fresh water needed for saline soil reclamation. This technology is based on groundwater electrodialysis method. As it is known such water is located under saline soils at a depth of about 1meter and contains significant amount of salts, particularly, SO4 and Cl anions. New construction of electrodializer allows separating these anions from the saline water and obtaining needed acids and pure desalinated water. One part of this water will be used for the production of 1-% acid solution (usually employed for soil neutralization) while the reminder of this will be reserved for soil leaching and other objectives.
This unit will be equipped with autonomous energy sources. As examples, the solar PV modules, wind and diesel generators, as well as the small hydropower stations will be considered