Power generation

Novel, highly efficient electrical energy generation, based on the use of low-density ambient heat, particularly exploiting the direct and indirectly-stored solar energy, geothermal energy and the energy stored in the cooling ponds of nuclear and thermal power plants and seawater. Proprietary methods, new principles and original electrodialysis designs are used to implement a unique energy generator that produces electricity, high-density thermal energy or hydrogen fuel. EcoAtom Company is currently preparing a patent application for his method.
Photo of Power Generator with Desalination Unit

Power Generation and Water Desalination

The Nature contains innumerable quantities of energy sources. Only a few have been exploited while most of them are still untapped. Enormous amount of thermal energy is dispersed in the air, ground and water. A major task is to develop new technologies for converting this energy into electric power. Another major task is to provide enough drinking water and water for irrigation and industrial use. EcoAtom developed combined Power Generation and Water Desalination unit. It converts the low potential thermal energy into electric power and uses this energy for desalination of seawater. The unit can be disintegrated into a separate power generator (up to 1 MWt) and/or water desalinator.


EcoAtom’s new technology is based on the reverse electrodialysis. The process of mixing two solutions with different salt concentrations separated by ion-exchange releases electric energy which depends on the concentration ratio in these solutions. We have discovered a unique method to enhance efficiency of the reverse electrodialysis process for generating electric power by intensifying this process. It is achieved by using low-potential thermal energy of any surrounding environment such as solar radiation, hot sand, warm seawater, thermal ground waters etc. There are also many other innovations in the construction and operating regimes.

The obtained electric power is supplied to desalination unit based on conventional electrodialysis, which treats sea water producing drinking water or water for irrigation.


It is a stable energy source which is not reliant on day time, weather or wind;
It is environmentally clean as it does not generate any pollutants;
It generates not only electricity, but also hydrogen and high temperature thermal energy.