Nanosize Powders Application in Tribological Elements

The proprietary method of explosive grinding allows to prepare the super dispersed powders with particle size of 40 -50 Å. On the base of this technology the electrochemical method is developed [1] of covering the metal surfaces by thin (1-250 µ) films with high adhesion which have unique anti-corrosive and reinforcing properties. These coatings increase in several times the wear-resistance, antifriction resistance, thermal conductivity, gas impermeability of the metal surfaces. This method may be used efficiently in chemical industry, machinery, power engineering, stone-working industry, etc.

Additionally, multifunctional friction modifiers are developed based on nanosized, diamond like carbon powders, as well as pure molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). These materials are well proved in the world market and are considered as most efficient and prominent antifriction modifiers. EcoAtom has also know-how in pulverization and dispersing of these powders in liquids with theoretical level of homogenization. The obtained nano fluids due to their high thermal conductivity and capacity may be efficiently used in heat exchangers for the cooling of electronics. Proposed materials may be used in internal combustion engines, bearings and other tribological situation with high speed, load and wear conditions, in aggressive and dust-laden atmosphere. Besides, mentioned materials being environmentally sound allow to heal cracks and defects in friction elements and can be used for repairing worn-out parts. Their using in engines and cars result in reducing of fuel and oil consumption, decrease temperature of friction elements. They decrease the noise, car acceleration time and exhaust gas emission. These materials may work even in space conditions (-80 +600 0C).Experimental-industrial samples of these modifiers are produced in the form of powders for dry lubricants, as well as in the form of dispersions in mineral and synthetic oils which several times increase the life time of oil service life. The lubricants on the base of MoS2 may work at temperature interval of -45 - +4000 C. When used in engines they guarantee the strengthening of friction parts, the car running time increases up to 200.000 km.